Support Groups

Support groups are online at 6:30 on the first Tuesday and in person at 7:00 on the third Wednesday of each month.  Please follow the link below to register for the online meeting:

First Tuesday:


Registration is valid for each meeting in future months also.

Third Wednesday:

Our support group at the First Church Congregational in on Beach Rd. in Fairfield will be live and in person at 7:00 in the Eunoia Room.  It's off the back of the sanctuary on the Old Post Road side of the church.  The entrances from the parking lot and Beach Rd are open.  Just proceed to the front of the building.  See you there!

Peer-led support groups for adult family members of individuals living with mental illness. Support groups are led by trained facilitators. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar experiences. You are not alone!

Visit this link for a complete list of support groups in the state-many of these are on Zoom and all are welcome wherever you live.

Family to Family to be scheduled

Family to Family is an 8-week peer-education program structured to help family members understand and support their ill relatives while maintaining their own wellbeing.

The goals of this program are to;

  • provide current information about brain science and major mental illnesses
  • describe treatment options, medications and side effects
  • develop skills in effective communication, problem solving and crisis prevention
  • promote self-care and stress management for caregivers
  • share local, state, and national resources

The program is delivered by a team of trained volunteer family facilitators who know what it’s like to have a serious mental illness in the family.

There is no cost to participate in the NAMI Family to Family Education Program, but registration is required. Classes are limited to 20 persons.

For more information call 203-586-0826 or logon to


NAMI Basics to be scheduled

NAMI Basics is a six-week program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses. The NAMI Basics course is taught by trained teachers who are the parents or caregivers of individuals who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13 years.

The course consists of six classes lasting for 2 ½ hours and highlights the fundamentals of caring for you, your family, and your child with mental illness.

All instruction materials are FREE to participants.

Registration is required. For more information logon to

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